Diversity in Sci-fi and Fantasy

This page and its subpages were created as part of an assignment for LS 573:  Integrated Technology in Libraries through Clarion University of Pennsylvania.

For the regular readers of my blog, this section was prompted in part by the recent incidents at Worldcon with regards to female SF/F writers and sexual harassment.

One of the assignments for a class that I’m taking this semester on IT in libraries was to create a webpage on a topic of my choosing that could be of use to library patrons.  I decided to create a resource guide for people interested in learning more about diversity in speculative fiction, with regards to race, gender, and sexuality.

You all know the saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover.  This is especially true when identifying SF/F novels that have GLBTQ themes, or that focus on characters from different racial backgrounds.  Generally resources that focus on multicultural literature tend to focus primarily on literary fiction, but different readers prefer different genres, and literary fiction guides aren’t terribly helpful if you prefer your fiction with starships, wizards, or zombies.

The following resources are things that I have chosen that might be of interest to lay readers looking to expand their horizons.  They include awards, articles, reading lists, and reviews dealing with diversity in speculative fiction.

If there are any websites or links that I’ve missed, feel free to leave a comment and let me know!

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