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Armchair BEA Day #6 – Wrap-Up & Other Updates

I’d like to thank all of you for making Armchair BEA such a fantastic experience!  When I signed up, I didn’t expect such a fast-paced and wonderful event, or that I’d meet so many new blogging friends.

Here’s a quick recap of my posts:

Here are some of the highlights of the week that you won’t find in my blog posts, as they happened on Twitter or other friends’ blogs:

  • Discovering that Oh, Chrys! and Nancy share my addiction to The Sims.
  • Bitches With Books made a manga-style avatar after seeing mine, which prompted me to update my own.  I’ve worn glasses since January, but hadn’t gotten around to adding them.  🙂
  • After reading discussions on “Keeping it Real,” I decided to update the look/feel of my blog to make it look a bit less dated.  I also added social media buttons in my sidebar to reduce clutter and make it easier for people to find me.  I’m commissioning my little sister (who creates fantastic digital artwork) to create a header for me sometime in the near future.
  • I signed up with two other book tour companies – Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours and France Book Tours after discussing books with Words And Peace.  I used to read a lot of historical fiction, but then tapered off.  I’d like to start reading/reviewing more of it on my blog, as it’s one of my favorite genres (aside from SF/F).

Overall, I’m glad that I decided to participate in Armchair BEA.  I’m hoping that next year I’ll be able to attend Book Expo in NYC again, but this was a nice way of being able to network with other bloggers without physically being there.  I really liked that there were both genre-themed and blogging-related discussions, as I got to meet and interact with a lot of bloggers that I normally wouldn’t visit.  It was nice interacting with bloggers who prefer different genres, but who had valuable advice and insight about book blogging as a whole.

Now that Armchair BEA is over, I’m looking forward to more reading and blogging.  I feel a bit silly, but I just realized yesterday that Carl’s Once Upon a Time Challenge is underway.  I’m hoping to read at least a couple fantasy-themed books before it’s over.

I’m also participating in a blog tour later this summer of “The Chalice,” by Nancy Bilyeau.  Since it’s the second book in a series, I’ll be reading and reviewing the first book sometime before the tour begins.

What are your reading plans for the upcoming month?

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