Giveaway Winner – “Glow” by Jessica Maria Tuccelli

Mike drawing the winner out of a basket.

Mike drawing the winner out of a basket.  My hat was too small to hold all the entries.

The lucky winner of my giveaway of “Glow” by Jessica Maria Tuccelli is Dorothy Teel.  I’ll be in touch via e-mail.  Congratulations!

If the winner doesn’t contact me within 3 days, I’ll draw a new one.

This has been my most successful giveaway since I started my blog, and it’s taught me some lessons.  Next time I host a giveaway, I’ll be more explicit from the start whether or not it’s international.  I’ll also learn to use Rafflecopter.  While the hat/basket is old school and fun, having a lot of entries can make it time consuming!

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8 thoughts on “Giveaway Winner – “Glow” by Jessica Maria Tuccelli

  1. AT&T Online Services

    THought I would let you know that I got my ook Glow the other day while on vacation, thank you so very much…

  2. Brooke

    Mike is a great sport!

  3. Ah, there’s something to be said for old school. What a great picture!

  4. Ivan Teel

    Cool, here I am sheltered in and out of the house cause of severe thunderstorms and tornados, here in Oklahoma again and I got out of the fraidy hole and we still have electricity so I decided to check my emails and see that I have won “Glow”  thank you oh so much, I really need something to calm my nerves and this makes me very happy.   Thank you again –  I am –  Dorothy Teel                                             10850 E Rock Creek Rd                                             Norman, Oklahoma   73026                 Thank you for making my day, now if you can do anything about the storms I would also appreciate it…LOL

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