“Broetry” by Brian McGackin

Everybody needs at least one good coffee-table book.  As a grad student whose life has been impacted by the somewhat shitty economy, I found this book of poems to be hilarious.

The collection, entitled “Broetry,” is written by a guy who actually has an advanced degree in poetry.  The subject matter lies along the lines of frat-house humor and the plight of the newly unemployed/underemployed generation.  Poems cover subjects ranging from booze and sex to Mama Celeste pizzas and Captain America.  “Broetry” is strewn with pop-culture references and is good for a laugh.

This book is not for the easily offended, of course.  Many might deem the poems “dumb” or “misogynistic.”  I, however, found this book to be quite enjoyable.  I also realize that humor is not meant to be taken entirely seriously, but rather exists for amusement and as a form of social commentary.  I particularly enjoyed the poems Final Final Fantasy, Do You Believe in Magic?, and Why You Should Listen to Classical Music (and yes, the lightsaber duel in Star Wars Episode I is one of those reasons).

I’m going to post one of the poems in the book, just as an example of McGackin’s style.  It’s the shortest in the collection, in the form of a haiku.

“Why Do Buses Smell?”

The young girl asks her
mother. I listen, because
I want to know, too.

I recommend this to anyone looking for some good tasteless humor about college, job-hunting, and life in general.

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8 thoughts on ““Broetry” by Brian McGackin

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    I must, must, must get this book! First order of business is to rouse Li’l D, but after that? It’s Amazon for me. 🙂

  2. I think if I saw this book in a bookstore I would have to think about picking it up as well. It seems like the kind of random humor that I enjoy.

  3. i’m not sure. the title of the collection itself is a big turn off for me. but i trust your judgement. so i’ll check it out.

    • I didn’t pick it up looking for anything serious… I was at Borders with a friend, and we were laughing at the various remnants of the humor section. Came across this and decided I’d actually get it, because it amused me.

  4. This would be a great coffee table book. I love this type of humor. And I love Haikus. One of my buddies requests that when you leave a voice mail to compose a Haiku. I love it!

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