“Miss Rumphius” by Barbara Cooney

Even as a child, I loved to read.  One of my favorite books was “Miss Rumphius.”

Cooney tells the story of a young girl who promised her grandfather three things when she grew up:  to travel to far away places, to live in a house by the sea, and to do something to make the world more beautiful.  Miss Rumphius grew up to travel the world and then settled down in a house by the sea.  After much thought, she decided to make the world more beautiful by spreading lupine seeds throughout the countryside, earning herself the nickname of the Lupine Lady.

I wanted to be the Lupine Lady.  Thankfully, my mom was awesome and decided to put up with my shenanigans, providing me with a bucket full of lupine seeds.  I scattered them through our yard and garden, then did the same to all of the neighbors’ yards.  The lupines that I planted in our garden lasted for years, until after I left for college (at which point my dad accidentally took them out with a lawnmower).  The lupines that I planted in neighbors’ yards didn’t fare quite so well.  Many years later, I realized that this was likely because lupines only bloom every other year, and young lupine plants when not in bloom bear a startling resemblance to a certain plant known as cannabis that the law abiding neighbors probably wouldn’t want in their yards.

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7 thoughts on ““Miss Rumphius” by Barbara Cooney

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  2. rossey

    good story but where can i get the full story? I need this for my assignment

  3. This is a beautiful book, both the story and illustrations! I never read it as a child but my sister received it at a baby shower. Your post reminds me of my love for The Secret Garden — growing things is so fascinating when you’re young!

    • “The Secret Garden” was a wonderful book. I used to have hardcover copies of that and “A Little Princess” when I was a kid, both of which books I considered to be great treasures.

  4. That is such an adorable story.

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